The challenge of new sales alternatives: solution for the companies Founded in 2014 by Managing Partner Mauro Festa, LegalFor is an Italian outique law firm with establishments abroad. The firm provides legal consultancy to companies operating in highly innovative markets such as the IT market. Thanks to its lawyer’s broad experience in conducting and resolving complex legal matters related to IT and everything digital, clients,... Leggi tutto >> Influencers join the IAP The IAP digital chart, strongly promoted by companies and drafted within the framework of the UPA legal committee of which Avv.Festa is a member, has become over the last 2 years a point of reference for the market that spins around the influencer marketing , so as to attract three important influencer marketing agencies: TBS... Leggi tutto >> ARE THE SMART TECHNOLOGIES THE END OF THE LAW? UPA (Utenti Pubblicitari Associati) 15 maggio 2017 Intervento in qualità di relatore sul disegno di legge Europeo sulla robotica e le AI (intelligenze artificiali). Leggi tutto >>
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Legalfor boasts many years of experience of lawyers who are experts in internet law and who daily confront the new frontiers of communication by approaching technology to assist their clients in various legal areas.


The numerous bureaux in Italy are in constant liaison with the one in Buenos Aires and this has allowed the firm to mature by applying itself in several practice areas with different jurisdictions.

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Constantly prepared to defend our clients in court at all stages and levels of civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings.
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Media & Entertainment

The firm provides legal assistance to authors and operators in the media sector, including all those working in the entertainment industry.
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Industrial Law

Legal assistance in the stages of creating, filing, and protecting one's copyrights related to trademarks, patents and much more.
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Advertising Law

Let us be particularly attentive to new forms of online communication and hidden advertising messages on the Web.
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Copyright Online

The confidential use of copyright in online work of arts takes on new facets specific to online use and dissemination.
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We legally advise our clients on advanced marketing projects using artificial intelligence and robotics.
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The firm addresses the topic from a legal point of view, on the organisational side and on privacy issues at European level.
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Privacy & Cyber Security

Personal data represent an asset that need to be managed efficiently and effectively, essential for any type of company.
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Competition & Antitrust

We provide legal assistance in antitrust cases in its various national and supranational forms, in public and private enforcement.
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Criminal Law

The firm provides legal advice for all activities that endanger the reputation and honour of individuals, brands, and companies.
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Sports Law

We provide legal assistance in disciplinary proceedings to which athletes, clubs and associations affiliated to sports federations may be exposed.
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Competition and prize competition

The firm offers legal advice at national and European level on the arrangement and marketing of prize events.
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Endorsement contracts

We are competent in drafting endorsement contracts whereby companies promote their products by exploiting the reputation of an individual.
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Legal advice in Digital Marketing

We draw up digital marketing strategies in order to offer integrated, performance-oriented communication solutions.
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Anti-competitive practices

We ensure compliance with the Consumer Code, by controlling advertising and the General Terms of Sale.
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Civil litigation and unfair trade practices

A team of experienced Professionals assists clients in civil, criminal, and administrative areas of law.
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Corporate Law

The law firm focuses on acquisitions, disposals, mergers and corporate transactions in Italy, Europe and extra-EU countries.
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Legal Tech

The know-how of our team is combined with the use of technology and software to provide legal services and to support the legal sector.
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Legal Design

The firm combines legal expertise, design, and technological innovation to provide legal content that is immediately intelligible and usable.
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Mauro Festa. (Managing Partner)

The Managing Partner Festa, qualified as a lawyer at the age of 24, provides legal assistance in the digital, entertainment and IP areas.

Monica Esposito (Senior Partner)

Lawyer Esposito offers legal assistance in the areas of social and digital marketing, insolvency and corporate law, labour law and health law.

Francesco Polimei

Lawyer Polimei is an expert in unfair competition, trademarks and patents, family and personal rights and in sports law.

Maria Pia Leziroli

Lawyer Leziroli is mainly an expert in copyright law, both in and out of court.

Leandro R. Dames

Lawyer Dames is a legal advisor in antitrust and competition law as well as in capital markets, banking and international financing.

Serena Bestetti

Lawyer Bestetti provides legal assistance in many areas of criminal and family law.

Carolina Markowskij

Lawyer Markowskij deals with corporate, commercial, and transactional law.

Carlo Mastrovito

Lawyer Mastrovito provides legal assistance in labour law matters, both in and out of court.

Mariano Gubaira (Staff– Operational Management)

Mariano is a member of our team. As Innovation Manager, he oversees finding innovative ways to offer legal advice to our clients.

Pasquale Scarcelli (Staff– Trainee lawyer)

Pasquale is a team member. He will carefully listen to you and assist you in the most suitable way, safeguarding your interests.

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Address: Via Bartolomeo Eustachi, 7, 20129 Milano MI

Tel: +39 (02) 84 34 61 28