Carolina Markowskij

Avv. Carolina Markowskij

Position: Of Counsel

Location: Buenos Aires


Phone: +54 11 5254 2250

Carolina graduated as a lawyer (JD equivalent) from Universidad Católica de Cordoba, Argentina, in 2009. She started her legal practice at a cutting-edge Legal Process Outsourcing company based in Argentina.

After graduating with honors from an LLM program at Fordham School of Law in 2015 and becoming a member of the New York State Bar in 2016, and with nearly a decade of experience working closely with U.S. lawyers providing legal services to a broad range of U.S.-based businesses ranging from start-up enterprises to established Fortune 500 companies, Carolina Markowskyj founded Markowskyj Legal in 2018, with a practice focused on transactional and corporate law.

Carolina Markowskyj serves as the lead attorney to a network of talented counsel licensed to practice law in different jurisdictions. The firm’s global partners can be found in the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, and Italy.

She is fluent in English and Spanish and has good knowledge of French.