Privacy & Cyber Security

Personal data is now a key asset for companies of all types and dimensions and must be managed in an efficient and effective manner.

However, the risks associated with the use of such data include cyber risks and data breaches. The impact of these events can be economically damaging for companies, especially in terms of loss of credibility and reputation.

The development of the IT technologies and the increasing diffusion of cloud architectures require a careful approach to the national and international dimension, with all its possible legal implications.

Legalfor’s assistance and advice focus on all the aspects of the Italian privacy legislation and of the European and international regulations on personal data processing.


In particular, the firm’s activities include:

The evolution of the IT technology in companies urges organizations to comply with their legal obligations on privacy, and there is a growing need for a dedicated technical support in accordance with the law.


Does your organisation receive personal and sensitive data from multiple users within its IT systems?


The spread of IT technologies and the growing digital innovation has facilitated the massive circulation of personal data of users accessing the internet within corporate IT systems, hence the growing need for concrete control over all data collected, which are now more than ever assets to be protected.

For the majority of companies, business has moved to the web, through online promotion and sale of their own services and products.

Nowadays digital users (4.66 billion people access the internet) interact on e-shops with their sensitive data, join loyalty programs by subscribing to their personal data and consent to cookies, allowing their access channels to be tracked. As a result, companies are required by law to protect digital users with appropriate and secure technical measures.


Are you aware of the security and compliance needs required by the Privacy Guarantor to monitor company computer systems and users?


Legalfor, in partnership with IT companies, has developed software which allows constant monitoring of the data activities carried out on a daily basis within the company, thus enabling constant control and verification in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.