The Firm

International presence

Headquarters in Milan and law offices in Buenos Aires, Rome, and Naples.

Soft skills

The analysis of the capacity of a project is essential for its optimisation.

Comprehensive legal assistance

In cooperation with several excellent partners, marketing advice is included in the services.


The law firm Legalfor was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing legal advice for the digital area.
After more than six years operating in the Italian market, our firm has become a point of reference for companies that decide to invest in the digital field with new forms of communication and marketing involving non-traditional entertainment, obtaining important recognition from a range of university institutes.
Furthermore, LegalFor has been recognised by several universities in Europe for its role on the digital sector. The firm assists large, medium, and small companies all over the world, mainly in the luxury, cosmetics, fashion, entertainment and information technology fields.
Legalfor has become so prominent in the digital and new technology area as a result of a strong network of client relationships focused on loyalty and efficiency.

Our Values

The Legalfor digital law firm guarantees an approach to legal matters that is constantly focused on the knowledge of the client and on the specific needs that condition his choices. Sensitivity to business dynamics and continuous correspondence with the client characterise all the firm's activities.

Legalfor places transparency first in the management of each practice. All activities are planned and documented in detail, assessing together with the client the time and cost of their execution, estimates and fees.

Legalfor respects its employees for their diversity as they are the firm's most valuable resource and therefore creates a healthy and safe environment for its employees to work in, encouraging an atmosphere of openness, courage, generosity, and respect.

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The firm counts among its clients some of the most important multinational firms in the world and several Italian and foreign companies. In particular, the firm provides legal assistance to companies operating in the following areas.

Fashion Industry

Talent Agencies & Houses of production

Innovative Startups

Advertising Agencies

Events Sector

Sports Federations & Football Clubs

Digital Agencies

Record Industry & Artists

Food & Beverage

Investment Funds

Beauty Industry

Influencer Marketing Agencies/ Influencer